Westpoint in Curaçao.

 You have to drive 55 km, but then you’r at the beautiful and almost uninhabited Westpoint. Westpoint is a quiet place. Willemstad is about 40-minute drive. This is an amazing place for rest and enjoy the beautiful Westpoint on Curacao. Westpoint is located on the northwest point of Curaçao. You will find beautiful nature, beautiful beaches, quiet bays, good hotels and restaurants. Westpoint is located at the most northwest point of Curaçao. The beaches around Westpoint are natural beauty. And it has a rural character. Tourism has evolved lately, but will keep this rural character for a while. The Westpoint stay’s in the Bandabou region. Bandabou is the western part of Curaçao. It is a hilly area. There is one way to Bandabou and Westpoint. The road starts west of the airport at the roundabout Zegu.

Bars & restaurants at Westpoint Jaanchi’s.

A must! The restaurant are specializes in making local fish dishes. Don’t go only go for the delicious specialties, but also for the atmosphere around it. Restaurant Playa Forti is a restaurant which is  built on a fort that watched the coast and offers a beautiful view of the Bay of Westpoint. Rancho El Sobrino is also a good and cheap restaurant. You can eat local meals.

Landhuis Knip

The country house is one of the most important country houses in the history of Curacao. On August 17, 1795, the great slave rise began under the leadership of Tula. A museum is now located in the country house. The country house is one of the two most popular bays of Westpoint, namely Big and Small Cut. Both beaches are beautiful.

National Park Shete Boka

About a kilometer from Westpoint. The park is located by the sea and has a beautiful rocky coast. The best known is Boka Tabla, where the sea with a lot of strength rolls into a cave. The cave is accessible. From here a hiking trail is set to other places.

Beaches and bays at Westpoint

The beaches and bays around Westpoint are known for their beauty. All beaches are free of charge. The beaches have a big cut and a small cut. Between both beaches is a viewing point where you can make beautiful panoramic pictures.

Big Cut

Also known as the names of Playa Kenepa Grandi and Playa Abao. And is very popular with locals. Big Cut is one of the most beautiful bays of Curacao. It’s one of the most photographed bays of Curacao. So bring up your camera. It’s also an excellent location for swimming and sunbathing. On both sides of the beach you can snorkeling. Snack bar, toilets and showers are provided.

Small Cut 

Small Cut is also popular with locals. They are happy to camp with the whole family. It’s very busy at the weekends. The bar and the toilets are open.

Westpoint Beach

The bay of Westpoint Beach is used as a harbor by local fishermen. The characteristic fishing boats provide beautiful pictures. A nice place to be and see all the activities. Take your camera. Westpoint Beach’s  consists of gravel and pebbles. Without shoes entering the beach is not recommended. The beach is not suitable for sunbathing or swimming all day.

Playa Kalki

The name Playa Kalki means limestone beach. It’s got his name because there is a lot of coral on the beach. The rocks are not of lime but of basalt. Lodge Kura Hulanda overlooks the beach and the sea. Here is one of the most beautiful places to go diving and snorkelling. There is a diving school. As a diver, you must have been here. The boat to 2 places for diving at Curacao departs here, namely Mushroom Forest and Watamula.

Playa Jeremi

This beach has a beautiful picturesque bay and crystal clear and calm waters. There is little shadow. You should take a parasol or visit the beach later of the day if it’s less hot. At sunset the bay is also very beautiful. There are no amenities.