Gluten free

Our daughter Sanne has a Celiac disease from her 2nd year, which means she can eat only gluten free. As a family, we’ve got now an experience for 10 years now what’s became very normal. Of course we don’t like it for for Sanne. But the most important thing is that Sanne feels good and that’s only be possible at this way !!! Make sure that everything is gluten free! And this also applies to our guests of course.

We’ll do everything when someone stays with us, that they will be treated the same as our own daughter. We can advise where they can eat something and, if necessary, we make gluten free food for a normal price. We also found a bakery in Curaçao that bakes delicious gluten-free bread. (White bread only) We cook selve daily gluten free, often just potatoes with vegetables and meat. If you would like to eat this, then we cook a little bit extra. We also make sure that we always have a fryer, oven, toaster and toaster be ready for gluten-free products, so they are used exclusively for this! You can eat our gluten-free breakfast for the normal price.

Restaurants  ( gluten free.)

The Little World (Jan Thiel). Zest (Jan Thiel). Zanzibar (Jan Thiel). Papagayo (Jan Thiel). El Mexicano (Mambo). Nemo (Mambo). Kome (Pietermaai Willemstad) Mundo Bizarro (Pietermaai Willemstad) Osterio Rosso, pizza & pasta only on Tuesday (Trupial Inn hotel, Groot Davelaar). Brakkeput Mei Mei (Brakkeput). Boathouse (Brakkeput). Bij Blauw (Punda Otrobanda). St. Tropez (Punda Otrobanda). Fort Nassau (Willemstad). Character (Coral Estate). Terrazza Nicole (Zuikertuin). Osteria Rosso (Willemstad). E Lanternu (Bandabou). Seasons (Willemstad). Trio Penotti (Christoffel National Park). Sol Food (Westpunt).