Car rental

Top cars for a good price

When your looking for a car rental, it’s wise to look for a reliable person, so you’ll don’t get big problems and lose a lot of money, there are stories that you can’t trust everyone, and a car damage will cost you a lot of money. So read the small print! We have had good experiences with and are really great helped by Albert Jansen. These are lokal people who have been active with this car rental for a number of years. It’s not good to rent a car when it’s allready dark, it’s been dark at 19:00 and the roads are sometimes bad, so it’s better to get your car in the next morning. We can arrange the following for you.This is all you have to do?

  • Find your car at
  • Tell us wat you want.
  • Please indicate the dates.
  • We’ll arrange everything for you at the rental company for free.
  • And ensure that you’ll get the car at the right time and sign the contract.
  • Taxi service.

  • If you’re stay on the beach for the whole day or get shopping in Willemstad, it’s sometimes better to let you bring and return by our taxi service. It’s much cheaper. Rental a car will cost $ 45, – each day (excluding gasoline) and if you go to Mambo Beach (7.5 km), the car stand still in the car park all day and is There is also a chance of damage, which mean also that you lost your deposit. And ofcourse you can’t drink alcohol. If you would like to use our taxi service, you’ll payed $ 15, – ( mambo beach ) can drink, no damage to your car and will be return to our apartments by one of us. The only costs will be $ 1, – per kilometer / per ride / max.4 people.