Jan-Thiel saltpans

The Saltpans of Jan Thiel Clamped between the popular Se-aquarium and the busy Jan Thiel beach. A beautiful nature area where you can enjoy walking, running, horse riding or mountain biking. And with a little bit of luck, you’ll see a group of flamingos on the salt lake next to the many cacti. Definitely recommended so to visit in your Curacao holiday!

Especially if you walk early in the morning or in the afternoon, you will appreciate Jan Thiel’s nature. It’s quiet, the sun is not hot and the birds you hear everywhere. In the rainy season you will also see many blooming flowers, giving the area more charm.

In the heart of the Jan Thiel nature reserve is the great lake. This called saliña (salt lake). The water of this lake, as the name says, is very salt. This has a special meaning for many animals! Because salt water is an ideal place for crawfish and pickles. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it. But you’ve heard of the birds that live on those animals:


At Jan Thiel you can enjoy walking around the salt lake. For example, a nice walk from Jan Thiel Bay to Se-aquarium Beach. During your walk you will find many scary parakeets and cacti. In the middle of the area you will also find a beautiful and peaceful beach. It’s rocky, but there’s plenty of shade and you can enjoy your walk as well. And a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea!